About the Contest

The competition has been initiated by a large multinational company that intends to revolutionize the Future Fan Experience. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this journey.

There is an upcoming football match that you definitely have to watch? You are a big football fan and you support your team in the stadium, at home, in your favorite sports bar, or at public viewings at any times? Yet, every new game entails a set of new challenges. Where do I watch the game? How do I get there? What do I need before the kickoff? How can I have the best game experience if I have no ticket for the match? Can we boost and improve this experience with the help of modern technologies, regardless of the location?

You do have ideas of how the football experience can be improved? Or how we will experience sports events in the future? Your experiences and thoughts are in demand for the “Future Fan Experience” contest! Together, we are searching for innovative solutions on how the football fans’ experience can be boosted, will it be in the stadium or at any other location

The organization of the football experience can be divided into three major phases:

  1. Before the Game

  2. During the Game

  3. After the Game

Which challenges, routines, emotions, and aspirations affect you and your behavior at each of the stages? Check out some interesting suggestions in the contest’s background information.

The following guiding questions may help you whilst plan and shaping your ideas:

  • How can the organization "Before the Game", "During the Game" and "After the Game" be facilitated?

  • How to make a highlight out of your stadium experience?

  • How can your football evening be a memorable experience?

  • Could technical devices or innovations enrich your experience (e.g. VR / AR, NFC, beacons, holograms, etc.)?

These challenges seem to affect every fan in any other manner. To provide a better understanding of the challenge, we categorize fans in the following four groups:

  1. International fans and expats

  2. Passionate fans (fan club member)

  3. Event Fans

  4. Staying at home fans

You can find a more detailed information about the fan groups in the background information section.

How to Participate

To participate in the contest and to submit your ideas, please follow the process below:

  1. Register on the HYVE Crowd

  2. Get informed about the topic. Information can be found on this page as well as on the page containing the background information

  3. Develop your idea!

  4. Phrase your idea: Use this mask to submit your idea. Give it a title, describe it, attach extra files (optional) and set tags so other users can better find your idea (optional)

  5. Submit your idea!

  6. Answer questions about your idea and develop it further!

Evaluation criteria which can be considered for your submissions are:

Thoughtfulness - How detailed is the elaboration of the idea?

Degree of Innovation - How new and innovative is the idea?

Creativity - How creative and extraordinary is the idea?

Fanciness - How special is the idea?

Besides to the community, there will also be experts on the platform who will evaluate the ideas. You can identify the experts by the banner in their profile. The experts will use their technical expertise to also evaluate the ideas based on additional criteria:

Market Potential - Does the idea have the potential to serve a large market?

Feasibility - Can the idea be implemented with the existing digital & smart technologies?

Degree of Digitalization - How digital is the idea?

Wow Effect (Yes/No) - Is the idea

Important Dates:

Start of the Contest: 10.11.2016

End of the Contest: 29.01.2017

Jury Meeting: February

Winner announcement: February